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What’s up with this house?

Clock is Ticking for Ballard's Beloved Macefield House: [caption id="attachment_8220" align="aligncenter" width="337"] September 15 was final day of Kickstarter, but property was reportedly sold weeks ago to Ballard Blocks.[/caption] (Kickstarter Runs of out of Time) Edith Macefield House  1438 NW 46th Street Seattle, WA 98107 Located between N 14th Avenue & N 15th Avenue in Ballard (Map)…
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Request Gift Card Donation

This program is designed to support local raffles and auctions by schools, clubs, nonprofits and community building organizations who bring people together to make good things happen in Ballard and Seattle.  Special thanks for the trust extended to us by Ballard Food & Beverage businesses who share a strong commitment to giving back. HOW IT WORKS: Eat…
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