EAT Ballard Gift Card Pool Results


Results & Record Returns - Updated March 2017:
As of March, 1, 2017 approximately $10,00 worth of gift cards have been distributed or committed from the pool to local community-building organizations and schools for their raffles and auctions.  We estimate this has helped raise estimated $15,000 so far (the full benefit has yet to be calculated because there can be a lag of up to 3 months between time a gift is delivered and the time it is auctioned or raffled).

The current confirmed record is one single $25 gift card from The Sexton, which raised $196 as a raffle prize at the Ballard Elks; that's nearly 800% of the face value!  One $25 gift card from Shiku Sushi and one $25 gift card from Second Ascent each raised just shy of $100; that's almost 400% of the face value.  In January 2017, two $25 gift cards raised $252 at a Ballard Elks raffle (500% of the face value).  We see this type of return repeated every month, which shows that a small gesture can have a big impact.  Very cool!

Gift cards from the pool are reserved first and foremost for raffles and auctions of local community groups, schools and nonprofits.  Recipient organizations keep 100% of any funds raised with gifts from the pool - there is never a fee or cost to the fundraiser.  A complete list of 150 recipient organizations is available on request.

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