EAT Ballard Traffic Report & FAQ for Advertisers

Advertisers' Report - Updated September 2017.

EAT Ballard Website: This website puts your brand in front of people searching online on keywords like:  "Ballard Happy Hour", "Ballard Restaurants", "Ballard Bars", "Ballard Events", "Ballard Event Venues", "Ballard Private Dining", "Ballard Breweries", "Ballard Attractions", and more.

In past 12 months, approximately 40,000 people used this website for the first time and at least 6,000 people returned after their first visit. The content is geared towards local diners and residents.

EAT Ballard Social Media:  EAT Ballard's Facebook page reaches up to 100,000 locals per month.  The content is written for people who love Ballard, including long-time residents, newcomers and visitors from other parts of Seattle and beyond.

This audience is primarily female, aged between 25 and 54 living within a 5-mile radius of Ballard zip code 98107.    EAT Ballard advertisers are featured regularly on the Facebook page - this repetition helps to keep your brand top of mind with local diners.

Eat Ballard Facebook audience.

Eat Ballard Map:  Advertisers can have their business featured with highest visibility on our map, which has been viewed over 100,000 times.

Ballard Happy Hour & Dining Guide:  Food & Beverage advertisers can be featured with highest visibility on the Happy Hour Guide, a popular page.

EAT Ballard Private Dining and Event Venue List: Advertisers with private event venues can receive the highest visibility on the Ballard Event Venues List, a helpful resource for thousands of people interested in organizing a party, event or meeting in Ballard.

2017 Audience Fan Mail:   EAT Ballard is geared towards local diners and residents.  The Gift Card Pool has raised thousands of dollars for Ballard schools, charities and over 200 community building organizations doing good work in the neighborhood.  Many people say they love EAT Ballard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What am I getting for my advertising on EAT Ballard?
A:  EAT Ballard is designed to raise awareness about your brand, keep it top of mind and ultimately help bring people through your doors.  Through native, display and social media content, your business can be featured throughout EAT Ballard's channels and reach an audience who loves Food, Fun and Ballard.  People will learn about your business and come to experience your goods.  We hope they will be so charmed that they tell their friends and return to see you again.

Q: I would like to get more from our advertising with EAT Ballard.  What can I do?
A:  Post your events (tastings, fundraisers, parties, trivia night, dancing, anniversaries, celebrations, etc.) on the calendar.   This will increase your visibility on the home page and calendar.  It really works!  Call us if you don't feel like posting your events every week.

Q: What can I tell my employees and clients about EAT Ballard?
A:  Please let your employees know that EAT Ballard is a resource for them to learn about the neighborhood and to help them better serve guests.  For example, you can challenge your staff to test their Ballard knowledge here:  It's a simple, fun training tool for new servers and customer-facing employees.

Not finding what you need?  Please contact us.  We are at your service.