Bruce Gore Salmon by Triad Fisheries

Triad Fisheries & Bruce Gore Salmon

Available at fine establishments throughout Ballard.
PO Box 2211
Bothell, WA 98041-2211

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About Triad Fisheries and Bruce Gore Salmon:

- Bruce Gore brand salmon is from Seattle's Triad Fisheries Ltd.  When you ask for Bruce Gore Salmon at Ballard Market or Ray's Boathouse, you are requesting quality and supporting a local, sustainable, family run fishing business.

- Each Bruce Gore salmon is line caught, surgically cleaned, tagged and individually frozen on the company's own fishing boats, so the product can be traced from catch to table.

- Biologically speaking, Bruce Gore branded fish is only a few hours old when you buy it. It's as fresh as it gets.

- When Master Chef came looking for the highest quality Alaskan salmon for their televised cooking competition, they called Triad Fisheries!


Mark Tupper, President



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