EAT Fremont Restaurants & More

It takes a village!  Explore over 100 fabulous, unique Fremont restaurants, bars, cafes and food businesses.  They are all listed below.

If Fremont were its own city, then today it would have one of America's highest densities of restaurants per resident of any American city.

Most of the following Fremont restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, retailers and other food related businesses can be reached easily by foot from the Fremont Bridge, one of the world's busiest draw bridges.

Fremont Sunday Market: Don't miss Seattle's longest running, weekly flea market in the center of the universe!  Rub shoulders with neighbors, local artists and vendors.  Walk to the dozens of Fremont restaurants, bars and cafes surrounding the market for brunch, beer and cocktails.  reviews 

The Barrel Thief: Whiskey and wine in the heart of Fremont.  This place will make you want to stay here forever.  reviews

Brouwer’s Cafe: A mecca for beer lovers and anyone with a taste for Old World authenticity. reviews

Frelard Pizza Company: Trendy pizza place on the Ballard-Fremont border with area just for kids.  reviews 

Hale's Ales Brewery & PubOne of Fremont's first and biggest independent craft brewers with a full service pub adjacent to Burke Gilman Trail.  reviews 

The Pantry: Possibly Seattle's funnest cooking school.  Sign up for email announcements; culinary events here fill up quickly.  reviews 

Triad Fisheries (Bruce Gore Salmon):  Providing biologically-fresh, individually frozen Alaskan salmon and cod at premier Fremont seafood locations.  


  1. Schilling Cider House
  2. Add-a-Ball
  3. Adobe Cafeteria
  4. Agrodolce*
  5. Alberona’s DaVinci Pizza & Pasta
  6. Art of The Table*
  7. Fuller’s Mortar & Pestle
  8. Ballard Grill & Ale House / Four B’s?
  9. Bar Charlie
  10. BeanFish (Food Truck)
  11. Big Mario’s Pizza*
  12. Blue Moon Burgers*
  13. Bumbu Truck (Food Truck)
  14. Cafe Turko
  15. Caffe Ladro*
  16. Caffe Vita Fremont
  17. Chinapie
  18. Chiso Restaurant
  19. Drunky’s Two Shoes BBQ*
  20. El Camino*
  21. El Legendario Mexican Restaurant
  22. ETG Coffee and Bakery
  23. Eve Fremont
  24. Evergreens
  25. Falafel Salam
  26. Fremont Bowl
  27. Fremont Brewing Company*
  28. Fremont Coffee*
  29. Fremont Hot Dog
  30. Fremont Mischief (distillery)
  31. Fremont Tavern
  32. Ha!*
  33. High Dive
  34. Homegrown
  35. I Love Teriyaki
  36. Jai Thai
  37. K’s Deli & Grocery
  38. Kamonegi
  39. Kwanjai Thai Cuisine
  40. LamaGs Cafe
  41. Le Petit Cochon
  42. Lighthouse Roasters
  43. LTD Bar & Grill
  44. Lucca Espresso*
  45. Lucky’s Pho
  46. Manolin
  47. Milstead
  48. Nickerson Street Saloon
  49. Norm’s Eatery & Ale House
  50. Nuna Ramen
  51. Outlander Brewery & Pub*
  52. Pacific Inn Pub
  53. Pagliacci Pizza
  54. Paseo Caribbean Food - Fremont*
  55. PCC Community Markets - Fremont*
  56. Pecado Bueno
  57. Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar
  58. Pho Than Brothers
  59. Pie
  60. Pomerol*
  61. Puget Sound Kombucha
  62. Qazi’s Indian Curry House
  63. Quoin
  64. Red Star Taco Bar
  65. Restaurant Roux*
  66. Revel*
  67. RockCreek Seafood & Spirits
  68. Roxy’s Diner
  69. Royal Grinders
  70. Russell’s*
  71. Salu-Salo Filipino Kitchen (Fremont Sunday Market)
  72. Seattle Meowtropolitan
  73. Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill & Irish Pub*
  74. Silence-Heart-Nest
  75. Sinbad Express
  76. Solsticio
  77. SWeL
  78. Tarsan I Jane*
  79. The Backdoor
  80. The Ballroom
  81. The Barrel Thief*
  82. The Dish
  83. The Dock Sports Bar & Grill
  84. The George & Dragon Pub*
  85. The Helm
  86. The Leary Traveler
  87. The Masonry
  88. The Red Door
  89. Triangle Spirits
  90. Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria - Wallingford
  91. Uneeda Burger
  92. Via Tribunali*
  93. Vif Wine & Coffee
  94. Woodsky’s*
  95. Yak’s Restaurant
  96. Yellow Dot Cafe
  97. ZapVerr Thai Restaurant & Lounge