Gift Card Pool – Business Signup


This program originated from a volunteer initiative in Ballard to support the raffles and auctions of nearby schools, clubs and nonprofits.


  1. Neighborhood businesses pledge gift cards, which are deposited into a fund.
  2. Gift cards are dispatched from the fund based on giving priorities of the business.
  3. A service fee is charged to cover cost of matching gift cards, gathering feedback, reporting results and keeping the necessary tax and accounting records.
  4. Gift cards are stored in a secure, commercial location and tracked.
  5. Businesses can withdraw their gift cards from the fund anytime.
  6. Signing up takes 5 minutes and requires no credit card or payment info.


  • Brings people in to your place of business.
  • Raises money for causes you care about.
  • Easy, simple, quick, fun and effective.
  • Good for the  community.
  • Distinguishes your brand.
  • Pays for itself.
  • Invitation to meet aboard and tour a state of the art, 120-foot, Titan class ocean faring tugboat in Seattle.  A one of a kind experience.



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