Ballard Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Bars & Breweries

You are Invited to a Daily Celebration of Taste, Culture and Creativity in Seattle!

Ballard restaurants bars cafes historic Seattle neighborhoodIf Ballard were a city,  it would rank among the top in America for density and diversity of locally owned and operated cafes, bars and restaurants.  There are over 200 food & beverage establishments in our historic Seattle neighborhood; most are within easy walking distance of the commercial center where Market Street and Ballard Avenue intersect. You are invited to come stroll the sidewalks of Ballard with its mix of shops, galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants and outdoor attractions.  Experience for yourself the special magic that happens here every day.

This corner of Seattle has a long, proud history. Ballard's roots remain strong while new ones grow.  The creative and entrepreneurial energy at work here is palpable.  With this modest website, we are honored to recognize the diners, workers, organizations, events, traditions, neighbors, volunteers, artists, newcomers and visitors who breathe life into our community.