Request Seattle Restaurant Gift Card Donation

This program is designed to support raffles and auctions of local schools, clubs, nonprofits and community building organizations.


  1. Popular businesses who care about the neighborhood chip gift cards into the pool.
  2. Available gift cards and gift certificates are matched with local community organizations for their fundraising, primarily raffles and auctions.
  3. Everything that comes into the pool goes out to support the community.  There is never a cost to recipient groups.
  4. Priority is given to requests from neighborhood groups, clubs, schools, volunteer initiatives, events and traditions.

  • Q - Can I request a gift card donation from a specific establishment in NW Seattle (Ballard, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Fremont, Green Lake, Wallingford, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Interbay)?
  • A - Yes.
  • Q - Will I receive the specific gift cards I request?
  • A - Yes, subject to availability in the pool.
  • Q - How much are gifts from the pool worth?
  • A - Gifts from the pool range in face value between $25 and $100.  A suitably matched gift card for the occasion can raise two, three or more times its face value in a raffle or auction.
  • Q - Do the gift cards have any special restrictions or strings attached?
  • A - No.  These are the gift cards and certificates sold at donating establishments.
  • Q - Can I request a gift card from the pool to recognize or honor an exceptional student, team, class, volunteer, donor, writer, artist, senior, leader or group in Seattle?
  • A - Yes.
  • Q - Can I request gifts from the pool to thank guest speakers who address our professional association or industry group?  
  • A - Yes.
  • Q - We are not organized as a registered Washington nonprofit.  Can we still receive a gift from the pool?
  • A - Yes.
  • Q - What are your criteria for fulfilling donation requests?
  • A - This gift card pool is for community building organizations, schools and nonprofits doing exceptional work in and around Seattle.  We favor opportunities where 1. the amount raised is expected to be more than the face value of the gift card, and 2. there is a high likelihood the gift card will be redeemed.
  • Q - Will you consider any request?
  • A - Yes.
  • Q - How long will it take to process my request?
  • A - If we can help, then you will receive a gift in the mail before your deadline.
  • Q - How will I know if my request was approved?
  • A - You will receive a gift in the mail before your deadline.
  • Q - When should I submit my request?
  • A - Submit your request once your fundraising effort has started and your event has been scheduled.  Please feel welcome to post your event on our community calendar.