Things to do on a Rainy Day: Bowling in Ballard

"Bowling, I like bowling. I've been getting into this bowling thing. It's kinda fun."

- Queen Latifah.

Ballard has not been the same since much beloved Sunset Bowl closed in 2008.  There are rumors of a planned bowling alley for either Ballard or Fremont in 2018.   So, in the meantime, what's a girl to do?

One nearby bowling option for people in NW Seattle (Ballard, Fremont, Greenwood, Phinney, Wallingford) is Spin Alley in Shoreline: (206) 533-2345.  For swanky bowling with high-end cocktails and hot waiters, check out Lucky Strike in Bellevue.  In downtown Seattle, the place to bowl, drink and shoot pool is Garage (21 and over only).

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