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Join Nordic Museum

Nordic Museum 2655 NW Market St Seattle, WA 98107  (206) 789-5707 Facebook | Website ABOUT NORDIC MUSEUM - Seattle’s Nordic Heritage Museum is the only institution in the United States that honors the legacy of immigrants from the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. - Shares Nordic culture by serving as a community…
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Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial

Seattle Fishermen's Memorial PO Box 17356 Seattle, WA  98107 206-782-6577 Email | Website | Facebook | Donate Online ABOUT SEATTLE FISHERMEN'S MEMORIAL: - For over a century, Seattle and Ballard have been the effective home port for the North Pacific Fishing Fleet and Seattle Fishermen's Terminal its center.  The Memorial is located at the center of Fishermen's Terminal for…
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Join Ballard Elks Lodge #827

Ballard Elks Lodge #827 6411 Seaview Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 784-0827  Facebook | Website ABOUT THE BALLARD ELKS: - The Elks are a global charitable organization.  Ballard Elks give to Ballard Food Bank and many other nonprofits throughout the neighborhood.  Many members of the Ballard Elks feel it's the best lodge in the country with…
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